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Noah Cyrus: Luxury Pet Salon Sweet

June 29, 2009

Noah Cyrus: Luxury Pet Salon Sweet

Mon, 29th June 2009

Noah Cyrus and BFF Emily Grace Reaves cuddle close to their pups as they attend the grand opening party for the Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (June 27).

The 9-year-old younger sis of Miley will lend her voice talents to a goldfish princess in Ponyo.

Ponyo tells the sea-bound tale of a goldfish princess (Cyrus) who wants to be human and gets her wish, befriending a 5 year-old boy (Frankie Jonas) on the journey.

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‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Movie Trailer

June 28, 2009

Sun, 28th June 2009

Selena Gomez is at it again. Another great movie to look forward to after her super successful turn with Demi Lovato in ‘Princess Protection Program,’  she’s onto the big screen for the first ever ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’  feature film co-starring David Henrie.

Click on the link to watch the Original `Wizards of  Waverly Place´Movie Trailer ->

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Where is Raven Symone Gone??

June 27, 2009

Raven Symone & Tinker Bell

Sat, 27th June 2009

What is Raven Symone up to these days? Most of us probably know her best from “That’s So Raven” and “The Cheetah Girls”. I did some digging around to see what Raven is up to and from the looks of it, she is staying plenty busy.

If you would like to see Raven in concert, she is participating in the Six Flags Summer Concert Series. Admission to her concert is free when you purchase a park ticket. I’ve never seen Raven in concert and would be curious to see what it’s like. She’s coming to my town in July and I just might have to go watch her.

As far as movies, Raven is still doing some work for Disney. She is the voice of Iridessa in “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”, which comes out on October 27, 2009 on DVD. She will continue to do the voice of Iridessa for the next Tinker Bell movies, “Tinkerbell: A Midsummer Story”, which will be released sometime in 2010.

Raven is set to play Chris Parker in “Further Adventures in Babysitting”, which is still scripting and is also rumored to star Disney sensation Miley Cyrus. She is rumored to be playing Tamyra in “Little Fockers”, which is supposed to begin filming in July 2009 and will be released sometime in 2011.

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HSM: Where They Are Now!

June 27, 2009

Fri, 26th June 2009

As the graduation checks pile high on your bedroom nightstand, you reflect back on a time that was perfectly innocent and you ponder the unknown.  What will college be like, what will work be like, will I still keep in touch with my high school friends in five years?  All very valid questions and depending on each circumstance, they will vary.  There is one group of high school students we fell in love with a few years back and today we are checking in on them to see where their lives have gone and if they still stay in touch with one another.

The students of East High changed the way we looked at clicks, changed the way we looked at musicals, and changed the way we looked at ourselves.  For three consecutive years, High School Musical ruled the airwaves and the box office as it broke records, set records, and created new records.  We watched as Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor manage to fight their way through high school, summer jobs, and of course spring musicals.  But after graduation, what happened to the singing and dancing sensations?

The cast of High School Musical sang “all our dreams have no limitations” and those words ring true for each actor.  Gaining worldwide successes for playing the cutest and most coordinated high school student in history these actors have moved on and each made a major impact in Hollywood.  Staring in major motion pictures, writing books, shopping scripts; these young actors are determined to make the transition from teenage heartthrobs to serious actors.  Take a look at where you favorite HSM stars have been and find out where they’re going! 

Zac Efron

Box office babe Zac Efron came out swinging in his first starring role this spring with the hysterical comedy 17 Again.  Playing a forty year old man inside a 17 year old’s body, Efron was able to bring such compassion and charisma to this character that he instantly became a fan favorite.  All grown up, Efron is looking to take on a new movie role that would solidify him as a Hollywood leading man.  The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Efron landed the lead in the untitled “sexy thriller” written by Leslie Dixon who did The Thomas Crown Affair, Just Like Heaven, and Hairspray.  The very private Zac continues to date his onscreen high school sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens.


Vanessa Hudgens


The bombshell continues to wow reporters on the red carpet as she shows support for her fellow actors in the industry. When Vanessa is not turning heads, she  shows support for her fellow actors in the industry.  When Vanessa is not turning heads, she is working hard on a few upcoming projects that fans will undoubtedly love.  First up this summer, Hudgens has a role in Summit’s upcoming film Bandslam.  If you are looking for any cameos from Gabriella, you’ve got the wrong script.  Hudgens plays a high school loner who joins a band and broadens her horizons.  After Hudgens rocks out with Bandslam, make sure to catch her in Beastly and Sucker Punch.

Ashley Tisdale

For such a sweet person, Ashley Tisdale really was able to drive home the mean girl persona in High School Musical, which won her a 2009 MTV Movie Award.  Tisdale ditched the blonde hair and went brown after Sharpay graduated; looking to separate herself from her character, Tisdale is shopping scripts, waiting for the perfect one to arrive.  Until then, Tisdale will begin her press tour for the upcoming film Aliens in the Attic staring Tisdale, Robert Hoffman, Carter Jenkins and Kevin Nealon.


 Lucas Grabeel

Life has been good for HSM vet Lucas Grabeel, who landed a role in the Academy Award nominated film Milk alongside Oscar winner Sean Penn.  His new movie, The Legend of the Dancing Ninja, is set to release soon and during his off time Grabeel and friends formed their own production company called 14341 Productions.  The team creates amazing award winning shorts and they are in the process of working on other major deals.  PopStar spoke with 14341 Productions back in February about life after High School Musical.  Check out the full interview here.

 Monique Coleman

Inbetween script shopping, Coleman is penning a book about her experiences as a child actor in Hollywood.  Titled, “From Ramen Noodles to the Red Carpet…a guide to becoming who you are without forgetting who you were” will be told in first person and Coleman hopes this book will help fellow young actors adjust to the bright lights of fame.  Coleman will also be appearing at the 2009 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 28th so make sure to check her out there. Inbetween script shopping, Coleman is penning a book about her experiences as a child actor in Hollywood.  Titled, “From Ramen Noodles to the Red Carpet…a guide to becoming who you are without forgetting who you were” will be told in first person and Coleman hopes this book will help fellow young actors adjust to the bright lights of fame.  Coleman will also be appearing at the 2009 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 28th so make sure to check her out there.


Corbin Bleu

Get ready guys because this fall Corbin Bleu will be the hottest television star on the hottest drama in primetime.  Bleu has signed on to play Issac in the CW’s new drama The Beautiful Life alongside Mischa Barton, Elle Macpherson, Sara Paxton, and Ben Hollingsworth.  From the mastermind Ashton Kutcher, The Beautiful Life follows a group of models living in New York City.


Selena Gomez: Being Green is Challenging

June 27, 2009

Fri, 26th June 2009

Selena Gomez is working hard at being green and environmentally responsible. Not only is the Disney star involved in Friends For Change, the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’  star is trying to better herself and change her habits.

“What’s really bad about me is I leave the lights on everywhere I go,” she confesses, adding that she’s trying to improve that with self-reminders via post-it notes.

Gomez does say she has a green thumb that comes from her grandmother and enjoys plants and gardening and she loved biology and botany.

Selena has a packed summer and little time for horticulture. Her movie with Demi Lovato, ‘Princess Protection Program’  is airing on Disney June 26th and she begins filming season 3 of ‘Wizards’  next month. Her WOWP movie airs in August on the mouse network and she just completed ‘Ramona and Beezus’  in theaters March of 2010.

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Ashley Tisdale Says Goodbye to Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009

Ashley Tisdale Says Goodbye to Michael Jackson

Fri, 26th June 2009

Yet another passing of a great icon has happened — Michael Jackson.

Former High School Musical starlet Ashley Tisdale reacted on her Twitter to the shocking news. She shared, “So sad. Saying a prayer for Michael Jackson. I have to say, the 6 of us from HSM were very lucky to have met such an amazing man.”

Ashley continued, “I will remember that moment forever. RIP Michael.”

Monique Coleman tweeted, “so many tears for MJ.”

Corbin Bleu also tweeted, saying, “Rest in peace Farrah Fawcett and my hero, Michael Jackson.”

You will be missed, Michael. RIP.



Princess Protection Program

June 26, 2009

Thu, 25th June 2009

Princess protection Program premiere THIS FRIDAY, June 26 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel in the USA.