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Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City Cast?

September 10, 2009

Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City Cast?

Thu, 10th September 2009

After gushing about her love for the popular television show and movie, Miley Cyrus may be appearing in Sex and the City 2!

Life & Style mag reports that one day of shooting, October 16th, in the Big Apple has been carved out for the 16-year-old actress.

A source dished, “They’ve asked her. But she hasn’t confirmed. Right now, they’re just holding the space for her.”



Nick Jonas’ Secret Twin!!

September 3, 2009

Wed, 2nd September 2009

Ah! I hope I didn’t get your hopes up. The truth is there is only one Nick Jonas and he is Miley Cyrus’ property. You will see, those two will be back together in no time once Miley gets tired of making out with Liam Hemsworth (photos) and dating Carter Jenkins (photos).

But cheer up! The other “Nick” is, in fact, Joe Jonas and he is hot and single unless Brenda Song already claimed him… anyway girls, hurry up picking your single Jonas since Kevin Jonas is definitely out of the market because he is engaged to a lucky hairdresser named Danielle Deleasa (photos)!

Joe Or Nick?? Who’s the hottest Jonas Brother!?!

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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Cleans Out Her Closet

September 2, 2009

Tue, 1st September 2009

With the official start of fall just a week away, it’s time to clean out your closets! Miley Cyrus is already getting a head start. Watch as the starlet and pal Mandy Jiroux dig through Miley’s enormous closet and pile up everything Miley is so over. So what won’t we be spotting on Miley ever again? A hot pink clutch she says looks like “Christmas morning”, a black top that is a favorite of her mom’s and her lucky tank top that she wore when she met Johnny Depp! And for helping her decide what to keep and what to toss, Miley’s friend made out with a few goodies — including the lucky tank! Now that’s what we call luck!



VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Finds Her Way Back Home

August 31, 2009

Sun, 30th August 2009

Miley Cyrus is bringing it all back home, y’all!

Included in the bonus material for the Hannah Montana: The Movie DVD is the featurette “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home”

Part 1:

Part 2 is with Emily Osment showing her hometown HOLLYWOOD, CA!

Part 2:


Billy Ray Cyrus Is Fine With Miley’s Pole Dance

August 23, 2009

Sat, 22nd August 2009

Public opinion about Miley Cyrus‘ stripper-tastic performance at this year’s Teen Choice Awards, but her daddy Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t see anything wrong with his 16-year-old daughter swinging on a stripper pole on national TV.

“You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people,” Cyrus tells Access Hollywood. “I always tell her to love what you’re doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion. I give my kids a lot of freedom to make the art they wanna make, and make it in their own voice. I think it’s important.”

Sure. It might also be important to teach your underage daughter not to carry on like a stripper for the whole country to see.

But then, this is the same guy who didn’t see anything wrong with posing for Vanity Fair with his teenage daughter draped across his lap.



Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato: “Send it On” Song Debut

August 9, 2009

Sun, 9th August 2009

The Jonas Brothers/Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato song “Send It On”—the anthem for Disney’s eco-conscious Friends for Change” campaign—debuted on Radio Disney on Friday, and you can check out the full version below:

Full Version:

Behind the Scenes:



Miley And Little Old Man Shoes

July 16, 2009

Thu, 16th July 2009

Miley is Bad with a sour Throat so her mommy gave her little old man shoes so she could get better!?

YES!! Miley tweeted “Just got some of my own “little old man” shoes 🙂 mommy got em to make me feel better xx” Below you can see miley’ old man shoes!!