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Happy Birthday Nick Jonas

September 17, 2009

Wed, 16th September 2009

Happy birthday Nick Jonas we all from ‘Gaby Gossips’ wish you a great birthday!!

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Just a question do you really wanna be a president???


Nick Jonas is a Starbucks Lover

September 12, 2009

Nick Jonas is a Starbucks Stud

Sat, 12th September 2009

Nick Jonas slurps on a cool drink from Starbucks on way to meet up with his brothers in Toronto on Friday afternoon (September 11).

The almost 17-year-old musician’s older bros Kevin and Joe did a little bit of retail therapy before heading off to the Camp Rock 2 set.

The JoBros‘ costar Anna Maria Perez de Tagle tweeted about the night shoot, saying, “Sittin’ in Toronto traffic on the way to a long night of filming again. still on set… nothin to do but tweet…how is everyone?”



Kevin Jonas picks his BEST MAN

September 9, 2009


Wed, 9th September 2009

After a long desision with his fiancee Danielle Delleasa, Kevin Jonas decides who will be the best man! So the best man is……… JOE JONAS AND NICK JONAS!!! It will be both because Danielle has two sister so they will be maids of honor. “They both are! It works out really well because there are two maids of honor and two best men!”


Nick Jonas’ Secret Twin!!

September 3, 2009

Wed, 2nd September 2009

Ah! I hope I didn’t get your hopes up. The truth is there is only one Nick Jonas and he is Miley Cyrus’ property. You will see, those two will be back together in no time once Miley gets tired of making out with Liam Hemsworth (photos) and dating Carter Jenkins (photos).

But cheer up! The other “Nick” is, in fact, Joe Jonas and he is hot and single unless Brenda Song already claimed him… anyway girls, hurry up picking your single Jonas since Kevin Jonas is definitely out of the market because he is engaged to a lucky hairdresser named Danielle Deleasa (photos)!

Joe Or Nick?? Who’s the hottest Jonas Brother!?!

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Joe Jonas Out Nick and Miley?

June 20, 2009

Joe Jonas Outs Nick & Miley???

Sat, 20th June 2009

Are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus on again? Big bro Joe may know something we don’t.

When asked on Larry King Live about the trio’s girlfriends, the 19-year-old musician suggesting that maybe Nick and Miley were more than friends again. He said, “I don’t think anyone’s [girlfriend] as famous as Miley Cyrus.”

Nick and Miley first ended their courtship at the end of 2007. After, Miley dated Justin Gaston and Nick had interest in Selena Gomez.

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Nick Jonas Graduates High School

June 14, 2009

90513M6_JONAS_B-GR_05.jpgSun, 14th June 2009

Nick Jonas just revealed on Twitter that he graduated from high school!

Nick tweeted on the Jonas Twitter: I’m happy to announce I have graduated! Class of 09! Congrats to everyone else who has also graduated this year! -Mr. President

Nick and his brothers are in Madrid for a concert today. They will be appearing at Palacio de Deportes.

Then they are off to Paris and London and will be back in New York on June 19, 2009 for a live performance on the TODAY Show Toyota Concert Series on the Plaza at Rockefeller Center (at 49th Street.)

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Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas: Village Idiots

April 13, 2009

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas: Village IdiotsSun, 12th April 2009

Miley Cyrus and ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas hop out of his vintage Mustang Cobra as they lunch at The Village Idiot in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 11).

The 16-year-old Disney princess tweeted during the meal, saying, “Eating lunch and talking about music with an old friend.” Soon after, she posted, “Laying by the pool, thinking bout life.” Hmm!!!

Do you think it’s coincidental that Miley dreamed of “Prince Charming” Nick last week? She told JJJ, “I woke up and someone was chasing me in the mall. This is going to sound really weird and really stalkerish, but Nick Jonas. The Jonas Brothers were having a concert and all their teenaged fans were attacking me. I was running and Nick tried to rescue me from it. He got me to their helicopter to escape. That was gold.”

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